Northway emphasises gastronomic experiences, preferably based on Norwegian raw materials - be surprised by the excellent and varied Norwegian cuisine, where the chefs prepare the food under the motto: "local food for global palates". Here one will experience the unforgettable tastes of traditional dishes combined with innovative culinary skills.

Our chefs regularly win international awards, and have won the most prestigious of them all, Bocuse d'Or, six times so far.

Northway has hand-picked unique and long-established guesthouses where exclusive service not experienced elsewhere is readily provided, and which offer cuisine, nature and activity opportunities which meet our market's highest quality criteria. There are traditional timber hotels, mondaine beach hotels, historic coaching inns, heritage farms, weather-beaten lighthouses or unique mountain hotels - something to suit every taste!

The choice of destination is preferably outside the town centres, to satisfy the wish for that which is special, genuine, clean and peaceful. It is desirable that the stay be for 2 - 3 days at the same accommodation, so that our guests may have peace and be refreshed.

The majority of our hand-picked guesthouses are family run. The hosts may best be described as enthusiasts who do their utmost to ensure that the guests will enjoy themselves. With pride and pleasure the guests will be made to feel part of their traditions, concerning cuisine, culture and stories.

In this way our guests will experience that which is genuinely Norwegian, and have the opportunity to participate in something which is unique, and which they would not have discovered on their own.

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