The nationwide foundation Norwegian Heritage, which was established in 1993, has the motto "preservation through utilisation". Through campaigns, member activities, tourism development, advising, education and political support to owners of cultural monuments Norwegian Heritage works to secure the Norwegian cultural heritage through active utilisation. Preservation of culture and commercial development are thus two sides of the same issue.

Norwegian Heritage awards the quality hallmark St. Olav's Rose to undertakings which take care of special cultural, historic values and pass them on to the public in an excellent way. The quality hallmark has an ancient symbol for protection as its motif, and leads the way to exceptional travel experiences with roots in the Norwegian cultural heritage.

The foundation's purpose is to contribute towards active cultural preservation through commercial development which is based on our cultural values. Norwegian Heritage's strategy is to aim at preservation of the past - for the future - by means of a living present.

Northway is a member of Norwegian Heritage and thus - via its activities - supports the Norwegian cultural heritage which has the motto: "preservation through utilisation".

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