Fjord rafting

Like true James Bond figures in orange suits and with mega glasses we zoom around in a RIB boat in deep and quiet fjords, stop by a waterfall and bathe our faces in the mist, invade the beach to taste the local goat's cheese and mutton salami, and zoom off again.

Based on local nature and culture Northway offers a tailor-made and exciting activity menu. One can choose freely - pleasant and relaxing adventures or more demanding and exciting activities. One can enjoy the winter landscape from a sleigh tour with reindeer, dogs or horses. Or one can take a twilight elk safari. Why not take a sporty tour in the mountains, by foot or on skis/snowshoes; or walk on one of our many glaciers. Norway is a coastal nation with long traditions in deep-sea fishing. One can be taken out by local fishermen to the rich fishing grounds. Alternatively, one can for example go on an eagle, seal or whale safari. Inland Norway offers many rivers and lakes rich in salmon and trout. We can also make arrangements for small game hunting. These are some examples - there are innumerable possibilities.

Here is a small selection from our extensive activity menu:

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